Homeowners Equipment Breakdown Insurance fills an important gap by covering a wide range of essential home equipment.

Common risks covered

    • Mechanical breakdown
    • Electrical short circuit
    • Breakdown of appliances and built-in equipment
    • Business computer breakdown and data restoration
    • Utility service interruption

Contact an agent for a complete list.

Covered Equipment

    • Furnaces, heat pumps, heaters, solar heaters
    • Central air-conditioning
    • Ventilation systems and fans
    • Boilers and water heaters
    • Kitchen and household appliances
    • Well pumps
    • Backup generators
    • Chair lifts and elevators
    • Electric power panels
    • Central vacuums
    • Home security systems
    • Pool and spa equipment

Did you know...

    • A breakdown could cost $6,000 or more?
    • You can get protection for pennies a day for your home equipment and appliances?
    • Home and extended warranties can be very limited and they’re intended to cover everyday maintenance, not major losses?